Do I need Council Approval for any project?

Some types of minor building works or development don’t need Council approval, as they are exempt development.

Exempt and complying development is mainly controlled by State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, as well as the council’s Local Environmental Plan.

Check on your local council website to see if your project is exempt of complying development.


How do I know if my property is bushfire prone?

Bushfire prone land maps for all local governments are available either online or at council offices. A 149 certificate issued by council also advises if your land is mapped as being bushfire prone. Be aware that even though all vegetation may have been removed for say an adjacent large land development, your land may still be mapped as being bushfire prone.


Should I have a pre-lodgement meeting with council before lodging my Development Application?

Pre-lodgement meetings (often referred to as pre-application meetings or pre-consultation meetings) are not always necessary. However, it is often a major benefit to have some pre-lodgement consultation with the council. Sometimes, you may just need to ring the council for some minor advice, such as whether you need to seek council approval on your project.

For more complex projects, a pre-lodgement meeting can be helpful. You can contact our staff at Parker Scanlon will be able to advise you on whether a meeting is necessary. 


What is a detail survey?

A detailed survey is used to determine and locate features on a parcel of land. This includes both natural and artificial features, including vegetation, fences, boundaries, roads, existing building and land utilities. A detailed survey will usually include the elevation of the land. Detailed surveys are usually needed when you are planning to construct or extend a building on your parcel of land, when you need to locate all features of your land, or when you want to have your land valued.


Can I subdivide my land?

The ability to subdivide land relies on many factors. Some of these factors include minimum lot size, heritage impact, land zoning and existing use. The experienced Town Planners at Parker Scanlon will be able to assist you in determining whether you will be able to subdivide your land, and will also be able to prepare a Development Application to do so.