Parker Scanlon has undertaken a range of diverse projects since our establishment in 2007.

Below are a few of the highlights, to demonstrate the breadth of our experience and skills.

Merewether Golf Course

Parker Scanlon’s Initial involvement with this project was to coordinate an aerial survey of the site and set up ground control points. This survey was further enhanced by locating individual trees and services across the site for golf course design and management along with high-level detail for proposed residential buildings.

Port Stephens Council

We worked with the Port Stephens council on the design of new cabin layouts and access roads for various holiday parks in the Port Stephens region. We provided surveying, design and construction supervision of upgrades to a number of their holiday parks. Roads, campsites, van sites, on-site cabins and ‘drive-through’ caravan sites were all designed in accordance with Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwelling) Regulation 2005.

Newcastle Harbour

Parker Scanlon were engaged to provide a detailed survey of Hunter Development Corporation’s existing Merewether Street Wharf infrastructure and to design a monitoring baseline for future remediation works on site.

Railway locomotive suspension

Parker Scanlon has assisted Aurizon on a number of occasions with pre-commissioning surveys of new rolling stock. These highly accurate ‘Kinematic Outline Surveys’ monitor the rolling stock at a number of different super elevations and check for production defects which could result in the vehicles fouling with platforms, stanchions, signalling equipment or other vehicles. In this project, we completed a survey to determine the amount of deflection of a locomotive as it travels around a curve.

One Steel Industrial Site

A survey was completed to map all significant buildings and railway infrastructure. From this, the separate site uses were identified together with the traffic routes and services that support those uses.

A strategy was then devised to establish a long-term lease for each site use without resorting to obtaining development consent.  Each Lease Area was also granted exclusive use of external space(s) through licence arrangements incorporated into the documentation.

The suite of plans that depict each Lease Area and associated Licence Area(s) underpin the ongoing function and management of a multi-use industrial site.


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