Our experienced team of Registered and Qualified Surveyors, Qualified Project Managers, a Certified Practising Planner and Drafting Technicians provide extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of projects.

Our core offerings include Surveying, Town Planning, and Project Management and to complement these services we also provide:

  • Bushfire Assessments: primarily determination of the bush fire attack level (BAL)
  • Feasibility studies: initial feasibility of a project against planning controls and natural constraints.
  • Dual occupancies: obtaining the necessary authority approvals to construct two buildings on one parcel of land (often followed by subdivision).
  • Building set out surveys: undertaking the necessary calculations and setting out the proposed buildings relative to the boundaries.
  • Contour and Level Surveys (Australian Height Datum): undertaking contour and level surveys for new Building projects often on the Australian Height Datum.
  • Torrens, Strata and Community Title subdivisions: These are the most common types of land subdivisions.
  • Identification surveys: locating the position and nature of improvements on a parcel of land. This type of survey is often done before purchasing a property to ensure there are no encroachments for upon the subject land.
  • Development Applications (Statement of Environmental Effects): preparation of a statement of environmental effects and lodgement of an application for the development through the authorities.
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF Report): preparation of a report on the effect of the proposed development upon the environment.
  • Land rezoning: preparation of reports and lodgement of applications to authorities for the change of rezoning for a parcel of land, usually from rural to residential zoning.
  • High rise construction: setting out of proposed works particularly with vertical alignments.
  • PCA Lease surveys: determination of the gross and net lettable areas of shops and offices in commercial buildings.
  • Marina designs: Undertaking designs and obtaining approvals through various authorities for marina designs.
  • High water mark surveys: determination of the original and current high watermark boundary line of properties.
  • Government Authority Negotiations: Assisting with the often daunting task of dealing with multiple government authority agencies for obtaining development approvals.
  • Boundary and building set-outs: marking property Boundary lines for fencing and construction purposes.

At Parker Scanlon, we understand that getting council approval can be a daunting process. Our dynamic planning team have extensive experience in gaining approval for projects.

With our vast knowledge of and experience in liaison with the council, we can easily assess your best options for getting council approval.

Our strong relationship with local councils has enabled us to continuously assist our clients in gaining council approval for their development, whether it is a simple renovation to an existing building or a large commercial project. 

If you would like to speak to us about your next project, please get in touch or request a quote today.